When winter is away, it’s the mechanic’s time to shine

Aeromag’s Changemakers October 25, 2023
The Portraits of Changemakers series focuses on visionary individuals who work at Aeromag and who, every day, demonstrate a willingness to make a difference in the world. Among them is Alexandre Langlois, the Head Mechanic at our Montreal station (YUL).

A hockey and snowboarding fan, Alexandre has always enjoyed the winter. Starting a career at Aeromag seven years ago only strengthened his appreciation of the cold season.

When he’s not practicing winter sports, the Head Mechanic is busy perfecting his skills. “We learn something new every day when we work on these vehicles! Deicing trucks are unique and quite complex, so there’s a lot to keep in mind.”

“Aeromag ensures that the team masters the latest technologies through training programs developed with its partner Vestergaard Company A/S.”

Other than being able to learn continuously, Alexandre enjoys the teamwork inherent in deicing operations. “Every season brings its own challenges. To meet them, we have to stick together to keep the truck fleet up and running. It’s a good thing because it improves our team spirit.”

Describing himself as funny, cheerful and respectful, Alexandre is a great teammate. His role as Head Mechanic encompasses a wide range of responsibilities at the YUL station. He ensures that the fleet of deicing trucks meets Aeromag’s high standards. He also ensures that the spare parts inventory is up to date, and manages his colleagues’ schedules.

While deicing operations are on a summer break, the mechanical and maintenance staff takes over. “We inspect the trucks thoroughly, and carry out the necessary maintenance to limit equipment breakdowns during the deicing season.”

“Our team works hard in the summer in order to have as few issues as possible during the winter.”

What makes Alexandre proudest of working at Aeromag? The company’s essential role at airports, which makes the Head Mechanic’s job all the more rewarding. “Aeromag also cares for the planet and puts in the necessary efforts to reduce its environmental footprint. And I’m proud to be part of it!”

Alexandre is certainly inspiring, but he’s not the only changemaker to have influenced Aeromag’s journey! Meet Jeremy Guo Qiang Wang, Training and Compliance Coordinator for all our stations.