Inauguration of a New Glycol Recycling Center at SYR

A genuine commitment to the ecological transition

News November 23, 2023

The November 15th inauguration of a glycol recycling center at SYR – our second one in North America – marks a significant milestone for Aeromag and the entire industry. It’s a concrete expression of our genuine commitment to invest in the ecological transition. Witness the power of collaboration as industry leaders come together for a sustainable tomorrow.

The power of collaboration

We worked closely with the Syracuse Regional Airport Authority, Burns & McDonnell and Vilokan Group to make this major project happen.
The facility will help mitigate the environmental impact of SYR, as well as neighboring airports in the Northern New York State region.


From left to right: Skye Coleman (Burns & McDonnell), Linda Soltis (Consulate General of Canada in New York), Sebastien Lanthier (DGQNY), H. Jason Terreri (Syracuse Regional Airport Authority), Gabriel Lépine (Aeromag) and Alexander Karlsson (Vilokan Group).

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