On the Radar:
Women’s Place in the Aviation Industry

Marie-Élaine Lépine, EVP – Finance, Administrative and Corporate Services

On the radar October 25, 2023
Women’s place in the aviation industry and in the business world is a topic that is increasingly discussed in our society. However, it is not by comparing ourselves that we will successfully carve our place, but by taking action.

Indeed, women belong in the aviation industry as much as men do. Women’s presence in the business world is not only due to a social desire to reach gender equality, but also because women have unique perspectives and bring different ideas to the table than men, and vice versa.

Diversity is essential to build a balanced, versatile and efficient business and industry. Having different angles on the same situation within a management team allows for a 360 vision and leads to more informed decisions for all stakeholders.

The fact remains that, as a professional woman in an industry which is currently experiencing an important shift, it is necessary to ensure a presence, to perfect our knowledge and to build honest and transparent business relationships with our colleagues and partners.

Regardless of your gender, you have to know how to listen, question and take action in order to find your place in your field of activity. My greatest wish for the role of women in any industry is that it is no longer about gender, but about skills.

What is your greatest wish regarding the role of women in your industry?