On the Radar:
Health and Safety

Shawn Ball, Safety Manager

On the radar September 25, 2023
Over the course of the pandemic, many occupational health and safety authorities have mandated several changes within the aviation industry. The most high-profile one was the requirement to be fully vaccinated to come to work at most federally governed airports. Aviation workers in many of the countries where Aeromag operates were among the first workforce to be impacted by this rule.

Essential operators within the industry were also required to create standard procedures to help protect their workforce against COVID-19. Early on, Aeromag created a coronavirus task force to develop and implement new standards to help keep employees healthy and protected. I believe new standards developed around sanitization protocols and air purification in our working environments are here for the long term.

While the pandemic has been a major health concern, the aviation workforce is still vulnerable to work-related incidents. The accidents involving damage to aircraft is a crucial measurement in the ground services industry. Aeromag is among the industry leaders in reducing, with the goal of eliminating, these types of accidents.

In order to reach an accident free environment, we have implemented enhanced and very robust safety training programs over the last years. We have developed safety management platforms to track, classify and analyze safety data. This allows us to get a detailed account of incidents across our network and learn lessons from them. We have also put in place safety triggers and key performance indicators utilizing reliable historical data. We are focusing on constantly reviewing and adjusting safety goals during the continued evolution of our Safety Management System (SMS).

Our safety systems and hazard awareness helps us reduce the risk of injury, as well as promoting consistent incident reporting. Investigative training also provides tools for our local leadership to determine the root cause and develop sustainable corrective action to prevent similar occurrences. It is also important to collect reliable and accurate information to determine safety triggers and react with a revised Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) after comprehensive risk analysis.

Aeromag is all about innovation and this forward-thinking vision extends to health and safety. We use new generation platforms to host our new SMS, which includes auditing tools. We also ensure continued learning and recertification of those responsible for these programs, which ensures that we remain on top of new developments and techniques leading to safer working environments.

As a matter of fact, we have been working for some time on activating the new generation SMS system at Aeromag. This project has been in the development phase for the past two years and robust testing of the system is underway. I am looking forward to the implementation of the platform this upcoming fall before being fully integrated for the 2022-2023 season!