On the Radar:

Mike Bey, General Manager RRD

On the radar August 25, 2023
In today’s world, protecting the environment is a key priority for the aviation industry. Both airlines and governments are leaning towards a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to discharging deicing fluids into water sources.

By recovering and recycling all aircraft deicing fluids, new processes are internally developed to bring the final discharge product to something close to distilled water.

Fine-tuning these processes through innovation gets us in the right direction, which will be healthier for the environment. As a company, we have the technology to recycle deicing product and separate glycol from water! Aeromag’s Montreal recycling plant is a closed loop process by recovering, recycling and reusing deicing product and we are working on implementing similar processes in Cleveland, USA.

Taking into account all environmental considerations, and the urgency to act, recycling low concentration glycol is the fastest way for the aviation industry to reduce its impact on the environment. Aeromag already has the right system in place to recover, recycle and reuse deicing fluids. Now, we must disseminate this innovative technology worldwide to take better care of our planet for future generations.