On the Radar:
Women in Leadership Roles

Joanne Aucoin, Director Finance and Accounting

On the radar January 25, 2023

Why the aviation industry must support women in their career development

Launched in 2019, the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) 25by2025 aims to change the gender balance within the aviation industry. This global initiative came to life to raise awareness of the need to improve female representation in our field. Among other commitments, organizations must increase the number of women in senior positions and underrepresented areas by a minimum of 25% by 2025.

I believe concerted efforts like these are necessary to have a positive impact on the number of women reaching leadership positions in our industry. And change is already underway: over the past two years, I have noticed the presence of women in leadership roles at various oversight deicing committees.

As a Finance and Accounting Director at Aeromag, I can say that having women in leadership positions—whether in aviation or any other industry—brings a different perspective to the table. We tend to recognize people’s potential and help foster new ideas. Plus, we become role models for female colleagues and younger women aspiring to reach senior management or strategic roles.

Although Aeromag’s operations are still male-dominated, the company’s leaders recognize the added value of having diverse teams. For instance, women represent 50% of finance and accounting management. Along with addressing climate change and safeguarding the environment, diversity is one of our strategic pillars and that’s why we wish to increase the percentage of women working in our stations.

In the future, I hope we can develop more women-focused mentorship programs to develop potential talents. Career guidance in schools could also help introduce aviation-related jobs to young women. If they are interested in holding a leadership role within their company, women should not shy away from voicing their interest and should stay proactive—as men would be. Programs to support work-life balance and parental leaves that don’t hinder career growth are also essential, in my opinion.