On the Radar:

Mark Vilcek, Director of Recycling Facilities

On the radar April 15, 2024
The environment is a key priority for Aeromag and the aviation industry. This is why we invest so much energy in developing new environmental innovations to find real solutions to contribute to the protection of the environment.

Mark Vilcek, Director of Recycling Facilities RRR (Recuperate, Recycle, Reuse), has been part of the Aeromag family for eight (8) years. Although he is based at our Montreal station, he divides most of his time between the YUL, YMX, SYR and CLE stations to supervise glycol recycling operations.

Mark is passionate about the ever-changing environment in which he works. Every day, there are unforeseen events, new challenges, but above all, areas for improvement to develop our recycling process.

« Every day is different and each RRR facility is unique, both in terms of equipment and configurations. »

The main challenge is to standardize the process of each facility, while adapting to the layout and constraints of airports. The technology and expertise of the industry and our teams keep on evolving. These technological advances allow us to process higher volumes of glycol and wastewater.

With the help of our partners and the undeniable desire of our teams to surpass themselves, we will be able to reach new heights.

Let’s go further together.