The Place of Women in Deicing Operations

Aeromag’s Changemakers March 26, 2024
The Portraits of Changemakers series focuses on visionary individuals who work at Aeromag and who, every day, demonstrate a willingness to make a difference in the world. Among them, Melissa Riopel, Operations Supervisor at our Montreal station (YUL).

Melissa has been part of the Aeromag family for the last twelve years. Among her responsibilities, she is in charge of supporting her team members, including Bay Leads, Deicing Technicians, Trainers, and Mechanics, to ensure the smooth running of operations. She must also report the conditions and challenges encountered during shifts to the General Manager of YUL and the management team.

Love for Winter

Melissa always had a deep love for winter. This is also what encouraged her to work at Aeromag. She started by working as a Deicing Technician. She quickly stood out for her thirst to always learn more. She transitioned to the role of Bay Lead, then Trainer, and finally evolved into the role of Operations Supervisor.

“Every day is a new challenge. Routine does not exist since we must deal with changing and sometimes extreme temperatures.”

Finding Your Place

Passionate about aviation and not afraid of the cold, Melissa says she has noticed an evolution in the place of women in this industry, noting an increase in their presence at different levels.

“It’s very stimulating to hold a position in operations and to have the chance to share my passion for aviation with go-getter women who want to leave their mark in this industry.”

Although these women in office are well integrated into teams, it is essential to support and elevate them. According to Melissa, we must continue to promote the place of women in aviation if we want to keep evolving. An evolution that must be done with the help of inspiring women, like Melissa.

As long as respect for employees and environmental values remain at the heart of the family business, Aeromag will keep on reaching new heights.

Melissa might use her determination and passion to reach new heights with her Montreal team, but she isn’t the only changemaker at Aeromag. Discover the other fascinating portraits of the key players in our big family.