Reaching New Heights in 2024

Gabriel Lépine

News February 21, 2024

Celebrating 30 Seasons

Since 1994, Aeromag has safely deiced over 560,000 planes! This is a testament to our mission, our values of collaboration, ambition, respect and excellence, and to the dedication and hard work of our teams, partners and clients.  

Global Impact

As a leader in deicing and environmental innovation, we are committed to reduce our carbon emissions and promote eco-friendliness in our operations. That is why we plan to expand our green fleet, which currently includes 27 electric trucks distributed in our 9 stations, with the addition of many more e-BETA vehicles from Vestergaard.

Sustainable Initiatives 

Recognizing our responsibility and commitment towards the environment is a key factor in solidifying our strategic vision. Our goal is to become carbon neutral by 2035 and that is why we focus on the implementation of eco-friendly practices. 

You can count on the entire Aeromag team to push boundaries and build solid partnerships fueled by our passion and commitment to innovation. We look forward to 2024’s challenges and opportunities where we will continue to pioneer and build on Aeromag’s legacy.