On the Radar:
Our Fleet

Patrick D'Ortun Blouin, Fleet Manager

On the radar April 25, 2023
The deicing truck is an essential tool for the safety of travelers. However, most passengers are not aware of their function or don’t know of their existence! These trucks are essential since they allow the application of deicing and anti-icing products in order to have a contamination-free aircraft at take-off.

As an important contributor to the aerospace industry, it’s essential to take good care of our deicing trucks. During the winter season, the preventive maintenance of a truck is based on its number of operational hours, according to the manufacturer’s recommendations.

When the time comes, our certified teams will apply their know-how to maintain the truck and respect the high quality standard that Aeromag offers to its business partners around the world. In short, we want to have as little unplanned corrective maintenance as possible during our operations!

“Deicing season is only part of the year, so what do you do in the summer?” is a question I get asked frequently. The answer may come as a surprise to you, but summer is the busiest season for our mechanical crews. They have to go over the trucks with a fine-tooth comb to make sure they don’t break down in cold weather. We also have to certify a variety of systems to ensure that our operators are safe throughout the winter.

As carbon neutrality gains momentum, I am fortunate to work for a company that wants to achieve this goal. The Vestergaard company, with which Aeromag collaborates, manufactures electric trucks that reduce emissions by about 85% from a conventional diesel engine. The result? Substantial savings in fuel consumption.

In addition, these new deicing units are equipped with a state-of-the-art system that ensures optimal and uniform application to reduce the amount of glycol applied to a minimum. These technical features have one thing in common: reducing our environmental footprint in the short, medium and long term.

The arrival of new types of trucks is not without challenges and has required major adjustments for the maintenance team to adapt these new technologies. Our mechanics have undergone specific training and we have acquired specialized tools and additional personal protective equipment to respond to the danger that high-voltage systems can present.

Technological advances continue to progress and I can say without hesitation that Aeromag is committed to being part of the solutions of tomorrow!