On the Radar:

Fernando Echeverri, Training & Development Manager

On the radar March 25, 2023
At Aeromag, we know that our employees are the breath and soul of our successes. And I, as manager of the training department, understand that to achieve our goals we need to provide them with all the necessary tools, training, and qualifications to be safe and efficient in their tasks.

This is done thanks to our head trainers and their local teams; they take training to their hearts. They understand how important this is and they know that all their effort to teach the new employees will reflect in the operations later.

The diversity of our new hires can include employees with no airport and aviation experience. We need to train them from the ground up. This is where our robust training curriculum, which has been developed over more than 25 years, comes into play. With around 30 hours of theory training plus over 30 hours of practical training, provides our employees sufficient knowledge and exposure to help them develop their skills to become the best Deicing Technicians out there.

Our training methodology is dynamic, and it keeps evolving so it remains effective, enjoyable and consistent. We understand that the environment where our employees work is challenging and sometimes it tests our limits. Every time we have a snowstorm, when most people prefer to stay home, we come to work, as our customers rely on us to do our part to ensure those flights leave safely and on time.

COVID-19 affected our industry and forced us to develop alternatives to teach and help our employees gain the skills in remote environments without losing the quality of the program. So, we reinvented our training, and we are now using new technology to ensure the safety of our employees and at the same time maintaining the best quality of training. We used this time to improve our training material (diagrams, pictures, videos, etc.) and it helped us move to the next level in teaching.

The most comforting part of our job, as trainers, is to see those new employees performing their tasks like pros, safely and efficiently; it makes us proud to see them grow within our company.

Aeromag is always innovating and using leading-edge technology and equipment, which makes training more enjoyable and fun. The new generation of employees is computer savvy and is thrilled to operate our Vestergaard trucks!