On the Radar:
Busy Thanksgiving

Jack Ziegelmayer, Director USA

On the radar February 25, 2023
As we creep our way through November and note that the daylight starts to disappear more alarmingly, I cannot refrain from the memories of Thanksgiving as a child. Indeed, I reminisce, tracing an outline of my hand, with fingers spread as the base for my “turkey drawing” that would surely end up on the side of the refrigerator.

I recall learning of the first Thanksgiving and how the Pilgrims and American Natives came together to give thanks for the harvest. Nevertheless, I am under no illusion that the reality of that time is anywhere near the idyllic stories we learned as youths, nor do many of us concern ourselves with being thankful for the bounty we purchased at the local grocery store in today’s modern world.

What does Thanksgiving mean to our customers, the passengers, or me? Well, every Thanksgiving is an opportunity to show our employees how much we value them. This Thanksgiving, too, we’d like to express how grateful we are that you chose to work with us. We couldn’t have asked for a better set of people to help us achieve our dreams. So, take the time to enjoy and relish the holiday with your friends, family, and loved ones this Thanksgiving.

Many of us will forgo some time spent celebrating with loved ones as there is no time to “close the shop” for the holidays in our business. It is our lot to help facilitate others’ holiday wishes of visiting friends and family, much as our teammates in Canada did last month for Thanksgiving Day. For us, there will be full flight schedules on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving, and again on the Sunday after, not the standard reduced schedule those days would typically operate. Our commitment will remain the same whether the aircraft is reasonably empty or, as in the case of the busiest travel days of the year, to ensure the aircraft is safe to fly and the passengers’ wishes for time spent with their friends and family are secured.

So, again, what am I thankful for, and what does the future hold? What wisdom can I share? Without hesitation, or reservation, I am grateful for each of you and the efforts you put forth every day; however, this can seem self-serving as I greatly benefit from your endeavors! So instead, I will tender to you the words of another person much more insightful than myself “Be thankful for what you have; you’ll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don’t have, you will never have enough.”

Winter weather’s cold and snow will come, or it won’t. Regardless, we will need to stand ready, well trained, and committed. Aircraft will come, we will spray them, they will leave, and we will wait for another. We will face each event with the people we have and the equipment that is available, no more and no less. Our teammates, our training, and our commitment are our allies. It will be enough, and that is what I am thankful for.