On the Radar:
New Technology

Vincent Chénard, Operational Support

On the radar February 25, 2023

Why the aviation industry should embrace new technologies with enthusiasm and caution

As we all know, the aviation industry has been deeply affected over the last few years and everyone had to find new ways to operate in this context.

A lot of time was spent on analyzing different types of data to optimize as much as possible. Many companies invested in technologies to maximize current resources and adapt, such as data analytics, virtual reality software and even artificial intelligence.

At Aeromag, technology plays a large part in our day-to-day lives. Over the years, we have developed many tools to keep our operations safe and efficient. For example, our operations center and de-icing trucks use traffic and movement and data transmission software. We also benefit from an automated business intelligence platform.

These tools allow us to make decisions more quickly and accurately, as well as pointing out areas where we can optimize processes. This can help save time and money, but it can also greatly reduce our carbon footprint.

Being an innovative company, we keep monitoring all the new technologies available as we believe there is so much more we can do to improve the deicing industry. Our business partners will certainly keep benefiting from these technological advances.

However, technologies come at a price. If not well protected, sensitive information can become accessible to people or organizations with bad intentions. We have seen horror stories lately of big companies losing their operating system or transactional website for hours or even days, leading to huge financial losses.

This is why investments in cybersecurity are essential. Multiple layers of security measures need to be implemented and kept up to date. Still, no software can protect your business 100%. Everyone on your team is responsible for paying attention to details and reporting suspicious activity.

With a healthy and safe environment, we can use technologies to their full potential, which doesn’t seem to have limits!