2021: A Year in Review
and the Outlook for 2022


News January 1, 2021
If you asked me to summarize the last year, I would say it was exceptionally difficult for many people in the aviation world, which was deeply affected by the global crisis we are experiencing. As a solid partner to the industry, Aeromag has been asking itself since the start of the pandemic how to help airlines and airport authorities, namely by considering what programs could be put in place to limit the spread of the virus within our stations.

The measures implemented by our COVID-19 prevention committee were effective, since we counted a very small number of cases on our teams operating from 17 airports. In 2022, we can’t let our guard down: we have to continue optimizing our initiatives.

This spirit of innovation not only drives us in the battle against COVID-19, but is also a major asset in the fight against climate change. Among our recent innovations was the inauguration of the world’s first electric deicing trucks. Aeromag was already a leader in the recovery, recycling, and reuse of deicing products, a practice we implemented many years ago. Once recovered, deicing products can now be recycled and reused in deicing operations – another first! We’re basing our hopes for the future on the recovery and reuse of glycol, as well as the electrification of our fleet.

In the last 12 months, we’ve had to face an incredible challenge that required innovation and creativity. In 2022, we will continue focusing on these strengths to remain a first-class partner you can count on, and a forward-thinking company that cares for the planet.

What about you? What new year resolutions would you like to take as a company?