The Role of the Mechanical Team

Aeromag’s Changemakers June 17, 2024
The Portraits of Changemakers series focuses on visionary individuals who work at Aeromag and who, every day, demonstrate a willingness to make a difference in the world. Among them, David Sitton, Head Mechanic at our Denver station (DEN), in Colorado (US).

David has been part of the Aeromag family for ten (10) years. He has held several roles within the organization that have allowed him to develop his skills and experience. In 2014, David was in his very first season as a Deicing Technician at DEN, before joining the maintenance team as a Mechanic in 2018. He had a quick good run at our PDX station in 2019 before making his grand return to DEN as Head Mechanic.

The role of the Head Mechanic is to supervise daily activities, ensure that the mechanical team has the necessary equipment and parts, and ensure that team members’ needs are met.

“The work we do is intense. Getting over a hundred pieces of equipment ready for the start of the season by our clients’ due date is no small task, it takes all of us in the maintenance department working as a team to accomplish this.”

A Solid Team

The DEN team is motivated to succeed and determined to learn more. Ongoing training, the addition of new trucks and staff have all helped to solidify the team. Our DEN station called on a trade school to build a team of mechanics interested in learning the special features of Vestergaard trucks.

Equipment Features

In the deicing industry, the Vestergaard model is said to be the Cadillac of deicing trucks. Indeed, these high technology-oriented trucks include several unique features. Mechanics don’t learn to work with this type of equipment in school, but rather on the job – at Aeromag, for example.

David might use his determination and passion to reach new heights with his DEN team, but he isn’t the only changemaker at Aeromag. Discover the other fascinating portraits of the key players in our big family.