On the Radar:
Summer Maintenance

Josh Blakley, Mechanic

On the radar June 17, 2024
Many factors contribute to ensuring the safety of employees and passengers during deicing operations. These include maintenance work during the summer months.

Mechanic Josh Blakley has been part of the Aeromag family for seven (7) years. Now based at our YMX station, he previously worked at our YOW and YUL stations. Josh is regularly called upon to travel to various stations (BOS, DEN, YYC, YEG, SYR) to lend a mechanical hand as part of the Go Team program (a team of trained employees called upon to provide back-up at various stations in need).

What makes Josh passionate about his work? The ever-changing environment, both in terms of technological advances and the common goal of minimizing our carbon footprint. He must learn something new every day to deal with the daily mechanical challenges that cross his path.

“What makes me proud to be part of the Aeromag team is the goal of continuing the company’s growth in North America and Europe, while minimizing our carbon footprint by adding more hybrid vehicles and building recycling facilities to process used glycol.”

During the summer, our teams of mechanics perform a mechanical checklist recommended by the manufacturer of our deicing trucks to maintain our fleet, which can take up to two (2) weeks per truck. This maintenance work is essential to ensure that the equipment is ready and in good condition for the return of winter, and to minimize downtime during operations. It also ensures the safety of employees and passengers.

The YMX team is tightly knit. All members work together to meet the highest standards and ensure quality, safety and efficiency. Our YMX station has faced challenges in recruiting mechanics in recent years. It’s hard to find professionals with in-depth knowledge of deicing trucks and their particularities. That’s why we hold an annual mechanical training week to provide ongoing training for our teams.

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